History of Southern York County

The Southern York County Region is composed of Shrewsbury Township and the Glen Rock, New Freedom, Railroad, and Shrewsbury Boroughs. The Region is situated in the south-central portion of York County in south-central Pennsylvania, approximately 10 miles south of the City of York, which serves as the County seat of government and is the County's major urban area. The Southern York County Region contains a total of 34.5 square miles.

The Region's boundaries have been determined by a combination of natural and man-made lines. The southern boundary of the Region is the Mason-Dixon line, separating Pennsylvania from Maryland to the south. The western boundary of the Region is formed primarily by Centerville Creek, a tributary of the South Branch of Codorus Creek, with Codorus Township to the west. To the north is Springfield Township, separated from the Region by a man-made line. The eastern boundary of the Region is defined primarily by the presence of the East Branch of Codorus Creek and Deer Creek, separating the Region from North Hopewell and Hopewell Townships, respectively.

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